On December 1st, 2004, Richard and I adopted 2 little kitties.  They are both just so adorable and very lovable and playful.  We adopted them both from the North County Humane Society, in Atascadero, CA. 

Their names at the Humane Society were Enya and Rosaya.  Before we had gone to pick out our kitties, we already had names picked for them.  We knew we wanted 2 females and decided their names were going to be Spook and Shadow.  So Enya is now Spook and Rosaya is now Shadow.  Spook is a dark gray kitty and Shadow is your typical gray and white tiger striped kitty. We're hoping they learn their new names quickly.  :)

On April 23rd, 2005, we got to pick up Haunt. Haunt is a domestic long hair kitty and is black in color. He has one small white patch on the top of his chest. Haunt was born on March 09th, 2005. We got Haunt from a couple in town that was selling their momma kitties kittens.

On July 1st, 2006, we brought home our 4th kitty. We purchased Boo from a local pet store. Boo is also a domestic long hair kitty that is black. She looks a lot like Haunt did when he was her age. *grin* Boo was born on March 05th, 2006.

This site is all about our kitties, along with some other kitty information. We will even have a page here with some tips on raising kitties. After doing much research on raising kitties, we have found that things do NOT have to be done on the kitties terms. You can train your kitties to be "people kitties".

Please excuse the dust as you roam through. Most pages are not done yet. The pages on Spook and Shadow are partially done and the gallery pages are up and going. Everything else will be coming soon. Please keep checking back for updates!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us. *Be sure to replace the -AT- with @ before emailing.  :)

Thanks for visiting our kitties, and we hope to see you back again soon!

Our Kitties last updated on September 28, 2007.